Susan Turner cover
Sepik Map
The Traditional Pottery of Papua New Guinea
Patricia May & Margaret Tuckson
380 pages Hardcover
Art, Memory & Sacrifice
by Susanne Kuchler
212 pages Softcover
The Art of Kula
by Shirley F. Campbell
241 pages Hardcover
A Selection of Designs and Paintings from the Sepik River
Collected by
Helen Dennett
117 pages
Singsing Tumbuan (Mask Dance)
text & research by Paula van den Berg
photos by Marsha Berman, David Hannan & Paula van den Berg
This book supplements the video documtary production "Singsing Tumbuan"
64 pages
Back cover singsing tumbuan
Singsing Tumbuan
Mak Bilong Sepik Book

Pacific Artefacts

Oceanic Art & Chinese Minorities

Wewak Sepik Map
A Distant Place, A Different Voice
Susan Turner
Aboriginal Music
Australian Aboriginal Music
Edited by Jennifer Isaacs
64 page Softcover